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Product Description:

A portable radar detector alerts to a presence of a radar by a clear and loud sound as well as artificial vice. A portable radar detector is not recommended for a vehicle with metal-coated or heated windshield!

Other information:

The BELTRONICS portable radar detector is controlled by a microprocessor that searches for the radars automatically. The driver is alerted by a sound/light signal by the portable radar detector when drawing near to radar, and the alarm system enables to estimate a distance and location of the point from which the speed is being measured.

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Řeznická 656/14
Praha 1, Nové Město
110 00

Czech Republic



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Robert Šatník
company owner
Tel.: +420 604 563 626

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czech, english, german
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Portable radar detectors Portable radar detectors Portable radar detectors


Product Name: Portable radar detectors
Product Brand: Beltronics
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